Primary 1 Preparatory Course

Primary 1 Preparatory Course is designed to ensure our young learners be exposed to the demands of the Primary 1 Chinese language syllabus in local primary schools. This course will provide them with a solid foundation, ensuring excellence in primary school education.

We will make sure that they are equipped with the required skills during this transitional period, and prepare them for primary 1.


In this programme, children will:

Interact with teachers and their peers through storytelling sessions

Understand by listening to Mandarin

Participate in art and craft activities

Practice forming basic sentences in Mandarin

Learn and practice basic strokes of Chinese characters

Learn basic show-and-tell techniques using images and videos

Learn and apply commonly used words for social interaction in Mandarin

Learn the basics of han yu pin yin

Participate in show & tell in Mandarin

Gain confidence in speaking in Mandarin